12x12x12 HEAVY DUTY Boxes By the Pallet - cost us $1.25 each.. selling @ .50 each! 300-boxes per lot!

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We are closing the operation and will be fully shut-down June 1, 2021!!! Thanks for your support.. our mission is complete. 


This is for 12x12x12 HEADY DUTY Boxes. We paid $1.25 each, but selling at just .50 in lots of 300 units in a group (pallet). 

Also, we are selling off our plastics, cardboard, and any remaining sanitizer in large lots. Please email us if you have any questions! hoobrew@gmail.com

PLEASE HELP if you know of a manufacturer, dealer, broker, or individual who are interested in large volumes of these supplies. 

***THESE CAN BE PICKED UP or we can help you arrange freight. Shipping is NOT included in this price but we can quote!